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Beyond Harry Potter: 35 Fantasy Adventure Series Starring Mighty Girls.

It's no wonder that so many kids — and adults — love the Harry Potter series: an epic struggle between good and evil, a world full of magic, fantasy, and adventure, and a powerful coming of age story make a captivating combination! However, while Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, and other strong female characters populate the Harry Potter universe, many girls would love to read a similarly thrilling book or series with a girl at the heart of the story.

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How to Streamline Assessment and Spend Less Time Grading.

I had the honor of participating in a productivity roundtable podcast, run by none other than the talented Angela Watson, of The Cornerstone for Teachers and the 40 Hour Teacher Work Week Club. Angela is a published author and education coach who helps teachers create balance in their teaching lives. In our first episode, we talk about best practices for assessing and grading students.

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Of Poetry and Monthly Themes.

April is National Poetry Month in the United States, and this being the first time I am truly working as a teacher here (my only previous experience being student teaching at a private Saudi school in Virginia), I am astonished at the number of officially themed holidays or topics that teachers are meant to incorporate into their lessons.

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What I Learned from Singing

Back during my glory days of singing, I never fully appreciated the discipline it took to be a singer. Perhaps it was my youthful energy that drove me, but I like to think that I was good at it. Good, but not quite great. As a classical singer, you must work independently to become successful. There is no team, and discipline, or the lack of it shows in your command of your craft. As an opera singer, you learn to limit your social life in anticipation of upcoming performances, market yourself to get a few more paid gigs on the resume, and practice every day, because the field is saturated with good singers and you have to stand out.

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