A Teaching Portfolio


  • Ms. Oyegun's second grade classroom is warm and inviting, and she invites students to take responsibility for their own learning with her gentle support and guidance.
    — Leah Musico, Assoc. Principal
  • Her pleasant and professional manner towards management, colleagues and parents as well as her high level of motivation and commitment make her a valued and highly regarded member of our team.
    — Kristin Wendorf, Lara Berlin
  • Due to Ms. Oyegun's enthusiastic way of teaching, and the special learning culture that she created inside and outside of the classroom, she encouraged the curiosity and eagerness of the children to learn and to develop their individual talents and interests.
    — Drs. Hasel & Tekin, Parent Representatives
  • I am highly impressed by the academic and social achievements my daughter and her classmates made within the last two years. Ms Oyegun took over Leoni’s class in 1st grade after only one week of school. Despite the difficulties associated with the immediate class teacher exchange, and the fact that the class was known to be challenging, Ms Oyegun succeeded within the shortest time to help the kids develop into a group of well-behaved, responsible and highly-motivated young learners that enjoy coming to school every morning.
    — Hedda Wardemann, Parent
  • As parents of a first grader, we could not have been more impressed with the results of our son’s school year. Under a progressive educational mandate, Ms. Oyegun found the perfect balance of academic rigor and child-directed lessons. An equal weight was given to social and emotional development. Our son found structure, comfort and a deep enthusiasm for learning under Ms. Oyegun’s guidance. She taught from a place of empathy in all of her lessons and advocated for our children and their best interests. We would be hard pressed to find a teacher that gave more thought, time or effort to the well being of her students.
    — -Michelle & Luke Hale, 1st grade parents
  • At the start of first grade, my daughter could barely read sight words. I was very sensitive to this fact, being a parent whose first language was not English. English had always been somewhat of a struggle for me, and the gift of reading was something I envied. However, after being in Osa’s class, the English language has come to life for my daughter. Stories are magical, words are rich, and expression comes with every breath and punctuation. Today my daughter's favorite activity is reading. On the bus, in the subway, and snuggled with a nightlight in the corner of her bed... never will you find her without a book. In fact, crossing the street has become a hazard! There is a story of a man who come to a Rabbi with a book in his hand and says, "I need peace." And the Rabbi says, "you are already blessed with the greatest peace of all. Your love of books." Osa sets boundaries for children - but within these boundaries my child found independence and peace that hopefully she will nurture forever.
    — - Sharon Y., first grade parent